Pullman WWTP - Headworks Perforated Plate Screen Project

Work to be performed includes: 1. Demolition of existing equipment and structures in the Headworks Building. 2. Modification and rehabilitation of existing Perforated Plate Screen. a. A trained manufacturer’s technician will perform the following work: 1) Relocate motors to opposite side of screen. 2) Replace upper sprockets, lower sprockets, bearings, chain, and lower seal assembly. 3. Influent channel modifications. 4. New Perforated Plate Screen installation. a. The screen will be shipped to the site in multiple sections and assembled onsite inside the Headworks Building. A trained manufacturer’s representative will be onsite for a minimum of three (3) days and serve in a supervisory role for this work. 5. New Screenings Washer/Compactor installation. 6. Other miscellaneous electrical, controls, building, piping and valve improvements. 7. Related subsidiary work and incidental work in accordance with the Contract Documents.
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